Castle Weddings

Castle Weddings

Why Getting Married In A Castle Makes Sense

It almost goes without saying that a wedding should be a romantic affair. However, there are also logistical details which have to be taken care of – after all, many people have joined the wedding party after travelling some distance – and those people deserve to enjoy their time and the experience they will be sharing with the bridal couple and their families. So while tying the knot on a dessert dune overlooking an ancient camel route – with bare feet in the sand may seem like a great idea, where everyone is going to be sleeping and how the catering is going to be arranged may give one pause. That is why one of the first decisions that any bridal couple must make is where the wedding and reception will take place.

If you are considering having your wedding here in Northern Ireland and want to immerse both yourself and your guests in history, as well as enjoying fabulous facilities and a sense of occasion with sophisticated style, then a castle wedding may be just what you are looking for.

But why exactly do people get married in a castle? Firstly there is of course that any bride would want to feel that she is placed on a theory – that she is royalty for that special day. The sheer grandeur of a castle is another reason for choosing it as the stage for that perfect wedding experience. Castles exude permanence – they are built of rock and can weather the vagaries of nature and fate. They embody the strength that it is hoped each marriage will rely on to weather those rough patches. They also shelter – just as we shelter in the arms of those we love. Castles, in short, speak of the bond of marriage in ways that we feel – but not necessarily speak about all the time.

The fact that the grounds that usually surround a castle are usually tremendously attractive – and provide the perfect setting for both celebration and wedding photography is certainly one of the attractions of this style of wedding.

There is also the fact that many castles now offer exceptional wedding packages and a full range of services when it comes to arranging and hosting the wedding ceremony and the reception afterwards. Adding to the attraction is the fact that many of these castle venues also offer accommodation for the bride and groom in the wedding suite. They often also have appropriate accommodation options for selected members of the wedding party.

There are also castles which today offer exclusive packages. These packages give the bride and groom the assurance that the venue will be their’s for the duration of the celebrations – they will not be sharing it with other parties. Furthermore, castles are perfect for those more intimate weddings. The number of rooms that are usually available and the banqueting facilities can usually be tailored for the smaller wedding parties as well as the larger gatherings.

A castle wedding is perfect for those who want a mixture of history, romance and sophistication. Investigate your options today.

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